Identity by Kevin Holden

By Kevin Holden
36 pages, hand-sewn
Limited edition of 175 copies

[Out of Print]

Kevin Holden’s long poem, Identity, handles the pervasive uncertainty of knowledge and perception with the lyric’s responsive need to get everything written down. The voice of a brilliant maniac embraces the mathematical language of sun striking landscape and mind. With a little direction from Hegel, the maniac discards the kaleidoscopic solipsism of poem fragments for a more deliberately conscious art: “this is because there are things that cannot be said precisely.” Flickering through specific but unattainable locations in memories and bits of language, the poem sculpts its identity and allows us “to grip something of the world.” Vastly beautiful in its diction and music, Identity introduces the work of a poet who will continue to astound us with his technique and vision.

Excerpt from Identity in Typo 12.