The Second Is Thirst by Jane Gregory

The Second Is Thirst

Jane Gregory
32 pages, side-stapled
Cover Image by Elizabeth Marchalonis

Out of Print


Dear Diary,
______What I like about you is how accurately your symptoms follow your disease.

Carry my work belt and I’ll hold your war pelt.
One at a time all things are either difficult
or difficult to understand. For now, let logic
be the engine that tears off the plane you're on
and rips open the psych ward in the hospital
Peter hanged in. In your new classroom,
after you survive, bring a screwdriver and a hammer.
Chip off those petrified pieces of bubble gum
and when they are scattered on the stained linoleum tiles
make a loose fist use a deep voice mutter something
about the globs of the modern. Peter would have loved
just that. He would have pitied you and worn a hood
but he would have loved you just the same.


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