Cannibal: Issue One

Cannibal: Issue One is 88 pages, hand-sewn, w/ a screen-printed cover & features poems by Geoffrey Babbit, Andrea Baker, Zach Barocas, Jim Behrle, FJ Bergmann, Edmund Berrigan, Anne Boyer, Jenna Cardinale, Laura Carter, Adam Clay, Clayton Couch, Bruce Covey, AnnMarie Eldon, Jane Gregory, Anthony Hawley, Brian Howe, Brenda Iijima, Lisa Jarnot, Shannon Jonas, Erica Kaufman, Alex Lemon, Tao Lin, Rebecca Loudon, Joseph Massey, Andrew Mister, K. Silem Mohammad, Valzhyna Mort, Gina Myers, The Pines, Emma Ramey, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, Sandra Simonds, Laura Solomon, Gabriella Torres, Jen Tynes, & Dustin Williamson.

Out of Print